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10/15/2016 v.41.15 Update and Patch #

  • New promotion campaign: discount charms, runes, endless potions and paint - 50%.
  • The special offer with discounts for gold and Lucky Horseshoe in the game client and online store is over
  • NPC-robot on the "Kromm's Treasury" map is no longer exposed to the "Increased Gravity", "Gravity Mine" and "Chain" abilities and does not bring his attackers class points
  • The last slot in the Large Chest is filled with a new "emotion" - special battle dance
  • We fixed a problem with the icon of the chest with elixirs that was not displayed in the shopping cart of online store
  • The group is now selected on the basis of characters' efficiency - within one of the balancer "pools".

10/13/2016 v.41.14 Hotfix #

  • Fixed broadcasts GoodGame

10/10/2016 v.41.13 Promo #

  • Discount: 50% discount on gold, sets the improvements and good luck horseshoes.

9/27/2016 v.41.12 Patch #

  • Thematic custom weapons have been added to costume chests
  • Three unique costumes for the human race have been added to the Large Chest: Chimerian Costume, Dr. Plague Costume and Shadow Driver Costume
  • New PVP map of the "King of the Hill" mode - "Dragon Rock Palace"
  • New PVP map of the "Mechanism" mode - "Kromm's Treasury"
  • We added the opportunity to skip the Tutorial for the account on which it had been walked through at least once. When creating a new character the owner of such account will see a message prompting to skip the Tutorial. If a player chooses to skip, his character gets 5 level and a set of gifts, Commission, and include all the rewards for completing the course, as well as resources that can be earned during its passage
  • Two new banners have been added to the Large Chest, three new accessories and five new emblems
  • Two new banners have been added to the Large Chest, three new accessories and five new emblems
  • We've also added a special banner for streamers
  • The discount special with 50% off for keys and chests is over

9/19/2016 v.41.11 Update #

  • Key cost Hiking Chest reduced to 10 crystals.
  • Price of a set of keys to the stowed Chest reduced from 135 to 90 crystals
  • Discount: Big and thematic chests and keys to them, are already available at half the previous value.

9/5/2016 v.41.10 Update #

  • 50% discount: VIP-account for 90 and 365 days
  • 50% discount on all types of hireling
  • Turn on the system of penalties for early exit from the battlefield
  • Streams on official website are now only visible when Panzar is in the category
  • The radius of the explosion of a shell, produced by "mortars" Sapper, reduced by 0.5 meters
  • In Berserker "Sucker Punch" additional damage when hit in the back has been removed and the magnitude of damage taken reduced from 75% to 50%
  • The range of skill "Chain" (at the 1st level) increased from 10 to 15 meters
  • Canceling the cast for skills "Siren Scream" and "Vortex of War" is now happening instantly

9/1/2016 v.41.9 Patch #

  • Game Promotion - the players are presented with an impressive discounts on gold, sets the improvements and good luck horseshoes
  • The maps "Dwarf Quarry", "The Siege of Swamp Fort", "Alchemists Citadel" and "Snake Island Monastery", the time it takes to capture control points has been reduced by 5 seconds
  • Time capture control points on the map "Orc Shrine" is reduced by 2 seconds
  • Large Chests has been added to Forge
  • Big chests can be purchased for 30 crystals
  • Large trunk can be created from 16 pieces resources
  • Large trunk can be disassembled for a unique resource

7/26/2016 v.41.6 Patch #

  • Cooldown period of the "Mortar" ability has been changed and now is 120 seconds
  • The rotation speed of Sapper’s Mortar has been reduced
  • The number of health points for Sapper’s Mortar has been reduced by 15%
  • The blazing damage after the impact of "Fireball" has been increased by 11%
  • Cooldown period of the "Builder Golem" ability has been changed and is now 35 seconds
  • Amount of experience gain by Tanks for the use of “Magic Shield” has been increased by 80%
  • Amount of experience gain by Gunners for the use of "Chain Grenade" has been increased by 25%
  • We’ve reduced the size of aiming frames of "Steel Flurry" and "Deep Freeze"
  • Parameters of "Will Runes" have also changed: now a "Small Will Rune" adds +2 to the maximum Will value, and a "Large Will Rune" adds 5 to the maximum Will value.
  • Blinding time of the "Flash Bang" ability has been reduced by 1 second
  • Time between the activation of the “Flash Bang” skill and the actual explosion of the grenade has been increased from 1 to 2 seconds.
  • After applying the "Fire Leap" skill a Sister Of Fire receives acceleration for 2.5 seconds

7/26/2016 v.41.7 Patch #

  • Fixed link in the game launcher
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