To what genre PANZAR belongs?
It seems, that this question can’t be answered unequivocally. PANZAR has a very successfully combines of various genres and features. First of all, it's a massive multiplayer action/MMO or so-called MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), but elements of RPG and strategy are also present in the game and play an important role in its concept.

What are system requirements of the game?

Minimum system requirements:
● OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.
● Processor: Intel® Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 5600+ 2.8 GHz
● Memory: 2 GB RAM
● Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 GT or ATI Radeon HD 4870, DirectX 9.0c.
● Hard Drive Free Space: 7 GB.
● Internet Bandwidth: 1024 Kbps
Recommended system requirements:
● OS: Windows XP /Vista /7/8/10 — 64-bit.
● Processor: Intel® Core i5-2400
● Memory: 4 GB RAM (or more).
● Graphics: GeForce GTX570 / Radeon HD 7850, DirectX 9.0c
● Audio card: compatible with DirectX 9.0c.
● Hard Drive Free Space: 7 GB.
● Internet Bandwidth: 1024 Kbps or more (for the Voice Chat).

Which operating systems are supported by the game?

Unfortunately, at the moment PANZAR only supports the operating systems of the Windows series.

How do I get the game?

1) The main and most convenient way - to set PANZAR - is using a special launcher, when you run it, it will automatically download and install PANZAR on your computer with the latest version of the game.
2) You also can download the official version of PANZAR with the help of a torrent trecker.

I made some purchases in the web store on the game site but my referral did not receive any bonus crystals after that. Why?
Purchases made in a web store do not participate and are not accounted for in the referral system.

What is the number of characters in the game at the moment?

In «PANZAR» you will certainly find a character to your liking, because you are given a choice of four races and eight classes, each of which have absolutely unique abilities, gameplay dynamics and a role in the battle.

What are the main controls in PANZAR?

Movement of the character is with the help of the WASD keys.
To attack a character with a normal melee attack, you need to click the Left Mouse Button.
To use a power attack, you have to press the Right Mouse Button.
Make the character run is by pressing the Shift key.
To block, you must press the Ctrl key.
Rating in a battle can be viewed after pressing the TAB key.
Keys 1-10 are assigned to the HUD slots, into which you can assign different abilities for quick use during combat.
F1-F10 keys are assigned to the slots into which you can place elixirs and emotions for quick use during combat.
To enable the display of tooltips of the map and the names of the players you need to press the Q key.
To ask for the medical treatment you need to press the X key
To ask for help you need to press the R key
To select new skills during fight you have to press the B key.

Do novice players have a possibility to train before their first fight?

Well, the Training Room Location is currently available for everyone, there you can try out blocking, different types of attacks, different abilities of your characters and perfect them.

Is there any kind of «spectator mode» in PANZAR?

Yes, there is the spectator mode in PANZAR, a player waiting for respawn can watch his still active allies on a battlefield.

What types of locations are there in the game?

All existing locations can be united in two major groups: «Player Vs. Player» (PvP) and «Player Vs. Environment» (PvE).
Each of them has its own objectives and unique game scenarios.

What is the average length of a battle?
In the "Domination" mode each battle takes from 5 to 10 minutes.
In "King of the Hill", "Mechanism", or "Rugby" an average battle takes from 10 to 20 minutes.
In "Siege" mode a battle takes up to 45 minutes.
Average walkthrough of a "PvE" adventure lasts about 30 minutes.
For more information about the features of the different modes look here.

Are there any interactive elements on different locations?

In many locations, there are elements cooperation with which could seriously affect the course of the battle: stationary guns, traps, carnivorous flowers, opening and closing gates. Also there are siege bridges, fences, or catapults, that players must build first.

In what format are battles held in the game?

All PvP battles in the game are held in a 8X8 format. In PvE mode a playing group consists of 6 players.

Can I play in a party with friends?

Of course, you can! In our game you can play in parties of three, but do not forget that there cannot be two characters of the same class in a party.

Is there a clan system in the game?
Yes, for a certain amount of in-game gold, any player can create his own clan.

What do I need a clan for?

Clan is very useful for gathering players and uniting them in teams. Teams can take part in tournaments or organize their own training fights.

What types of clan battles are there?
The possibility of organizing clan trainings exists in the game. In addition, regular tournaments with prizes are held.

How I tell an enemy from a friend?

In PANZAR your team is always "blue" and the enemy and enemy constructions - always "red". Another reference point is the so-called "banner", a banner is located on the character's back. Enemies always have the banner, and the allies do not.

What is Effectiveness (Weight)?

The effectiveness of the character is the sum of his/her rating and combat level.
The combat level is affected by the runes, amulets, armor, and the character level.
Character rating varies depending on his/her usefulness in combat.

What is Item Improvement?
For in-game gold you can improvement items, this is a process that allows you to achieve better performance on different types of equipment. In the "Improvement" tab you should select a peace of gear that you would like to improve, select the parameters of the improvement and then click on the 'Apply' button.

What is the Lucky Horseshoe?

This is an item that can help you to significantly increase the chances of getting a high-parameter improvements. Simply enabled the item in the "Improve" tab, using the "horseshoe" will give the arrow on the indicator a higher probability to reach the yellow, orange or red zones. This means much more effective performance.

The Wheel Of the Gods - what it is?

This is a mini-game, you have two scales of development and both of them affect what prize you can get. The first one is a time scale, divided into five pieces, each of which corresponds to one day. Coming into the game at least once a day for 5 days, you will get the opportunity to win more valuable prizes. If you miss one day, everything starts again. The second scale consists of 8 sectors on the wheel. The more active plates that are closed, the more Exlusive the prizes will be, from which you can choose your reward. The rules are very simple. You rotate the drum, which can stop on one of the eight sections of the Wheel. If the section is activated, the game will continue, and the section will go into an inactive state. If you get to an inactive section, the game stops. To get a super prize, you must deactivate all sections of the Wheel.

What types of in-game currency exist in PANZAR?

The main currency in PANZAR is gold, earned by a player through taking part in fighting. Also, there are so-called crystals, which can be purchased for real money.

Does a losing team receive gold?
The losing team gets gold for their participation, but in smaller amount than winning team. Moreover, the size of the rewards may vary for different players, since it is calculated on the basis of individual achievements during the match.

What is VIP-account?
VIP account is purchased for a player profile and is valid for all the characters that are on it. Depending on the character level it increases the received experience two or more times,. The higher the level - the higher the bonus from the VIP-account. In addition, the owners of VIP-accounts that participants in a battle reveive a two-percent experience bonus for the fight.
Having bought (by the total number of activated days) more than 30/90/180/365 days of VIP-account, you get gifts:

30 days - 10 000 gold and 50 elixirs of each type;
90 days - 3 runes of each type;
180 days - a set of amulets for 7 days;
365 days - the success rate of crafting (for runes and amulets) is increased by 50%, the player gets the "SuperVIP" status, VIP-banner and VIP-avatar.

What is Super-VIP?
To obtain the "Super VIP" status, you need to purchase a total of 365 (or more) days of usual VIP-account. SuperVIP gives all participants a 5% experience bonus for a fight. In addition, SuperVIP gives its owner twice more experience than the usual VIP.

How can I buy VIP-account?
There are two ways to buy VIP-account in PANZAR:
● In the game client (in this case the necessary number of crystals is deducted from your account).
● In the gift shop on the site of the game (with the chosen payment method).
To buy a VIP-account through the game client, follow these steps:
1. In the upper-right corner of the main character menu, click VIP Time, and the menu of VIP-account purchase will open.
2. In it you should choose the period: from 1 to 365 days
3. Click the Buy button.

What is The Hireling?
In contrast to the VIP-account each Hireling is acquired for a particular character and thus acts only on the character for which you purchased it. It emulates 6 "medium" games a day, half of them "won" and half "lost". The resulting experience/resources amount is affected by both VIP-account (or SuperVIP-account) and acquired hair and beard (ears). Hirelings can be found in the Shop, in the "Items" tab. After purchase you need to activate it yourself by using the appropriate slot on the character. It works when you are either not in the game, play as another character or are at the character selection screen.

How can I reach the PANZAR administration?
Your suggestions, comments about the work of the moderators of the game chat and forum, appeals concerning account lockouts, issues related to recovery of accounts, as well as complaints of foul play or abuse should be sent to community_eu@PANZAR.com

Messages about errors and crashes of the game client, as well as any problems with payments should be sent to support_eu@PANZAR.com
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