Game modes


Because new users of PANZAR always had and still have many questions about the game modes, their differences and features, we decided to organize a small educational program on the subject. We prepared five short video lessons for you, showing you each of the currently available PvP-modes. We hope that they will help beginners to quickly sort out where to go, what to press and what to expect. Enjoy!


At the center of the map, at equal distends for both teams from their starting positions, there is a control point. The goal for every team is simple - to take it and to hold it. A team gets progress points while holding the control point and not letting the enemy warriors enter it. The first team that scores 500 progress points, wins. The gameplay of this mode is dynamic and fast. See for yourself on such maps as "The Hall of Our Fathers", "Arena Of the Warlords" "Orc Shrine" and others.

"King Of the Hill"

The goal of the game in this mode is similar to the previous one - to hold a control point in the center of the map as long as possible without letting the opponent get to it. But there are a couple of important differences. Firstly, the team who captures the point, becomes a Defenders and the place of its respawn is transferred closer to the control point. The other team becomes the Attacker, if the Attacker manages to fight off the point and overcome it, that teams change roles. Secondly, in order to start getting progress points from the control point, you have to capture it first. The "King of the Hill" mode can be played on "Cannibal Stronghold" and "Expanse Of Mists".


In this mode, one team initially takes on the role of the attackers, the second takes the role of defenders. The action takes place on large maps where there are multiple control points. Teams are fighting for each of them one by one. If the attackers manage to take all the points in the allotted time they win. If the defenders manage to keep any of the points before the time expires, the victory is theirs. Gameplay in this mode is full of tension and entertainment on such maps as "Orc Burgwall", "Siege of the Swamp Fort", "Alchemists' Citadel" and "Dwarven Quarry" demonstrate quite perfectly.


The mode is really reminiscent of the sport it's named after. Somewhere in the middle of the map there is a kind of the "ball" artifact possessing great magical powers or a meteorite fallen from the sky. Players can find it, get it and carry the "ball" in any direction. Near the starting positions of each team there are special places of power or more simply "gates" If the team manages to bring "the ball" to the opponent's gate, the team gets one point. Get three points means victory. You can play the "Rugby" on maps "Meteor Hunt" and "Sandstorm Temple".


In fact, the "Mechanism" mode is a significantly complicated version of the already explained "Domination" mode. But there are several control points here and the players need to keep only one of them at a time - these are special magic mechanism, invented by a mad dwarven engineers. The mechanism is constantly changing its position, teleporting from point to point, the fighters from both teams have to move to the newly spawned mechanism. A team is given progress points if it controls the mechanism, the first team that scores 500 progress points, wins. "Mechanism" is represented in the game by such maps as "Toxic Bay" and "Kromholm Mines".


The task of the attacking team's - to escort a certain object (eg train) from origin to destination. Task Defending Team - do not allow the object to reach the destination. Typically, object moves along a predetermined route but only when the players of the attacking team are next to the object. Otherwise, it will stop or even rolled back, thus negating the progress. If the time allotted for the escort is over, the object did not reached the destination, in the absence of the attacking players on the team a countdown starts after which the object is destroyed and the session ends.

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