Restart Guess Where Contest - Between 9th and 14th Jan

1/9/2016 10:00 AM

Here we are return of the weekly puzzles contest called "Guess Where". The essence of the competition is that at a certain time fragments will be published of images of four gaming locations world Panzar. (date and time of the start of the competition will be announced in advance, at least one day before the start of the competition) . And you will have to guess all of these locations, and post the correct answer.
For convenience, each location we assigned a number (see list. Below), so your response should look like a sequence of numbers (for example: 1,2,3,14).

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The contest will run until 14th Jan 2015 12:00 CET or until the moment when the 3 correct answer are in.
The First 3, that give the answer with the correct number combination and will be our winner! The prize -  500/300/100 crystals .

If nobody can guess the correct combination during the day since the start of the competition, the competition is completed. We will show you the correct answer, and the prize will be added to the prize pool of the next competition. Thus, in the next contest winner will take not 100 but 200 crystals or not 500 but 1000 crystals.

Non locations: 
1) Arena of Warlords 
2) Jungle Village 
3) Fire Cauldron Valley 
4) Hall of Ancestors 
5) Dwarf Quarry 
6) Orc's Shrine 
7) Fortress Cannibals / Monkey Hill 
8) Meteor Hunt 
9) Orc Burgwall 
10) Siege of the Swamp Fort 
11) Cursed Altar 
12) Chimera Garden 
13) Toxic Bay 
14) Expanse of Mists 
15) Temple of Sandstorms 
16) Alchemists Citadel 
17) Kromholm Mine 
18) Elven Pier
19) Snake Island Monastery
20) Combat School
21) City of Idols

Terms of the contest:
1) One account only one answer, so be careful and take your time. 
2) To post a response wait until you see the pieces. 
3) Answers containing other information, other than Ingame Name - Zone - a combination of four numbers will not be considered. So if you want to write your opinion about the competition, or something else, put it in a separate comment. 
4) a combination consisting of less than or more than four digits are not accepted. 

SO TO BE ABSOLUTELY CLEAR (1 line answer anything else will not be accepted)

White Wolfs T - EU - 3,6,16,5
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