VIP at -50%

11/13/2016 8:00 AM

If you hesitated about buying a VIP account, now is the best time to decide starting 14th Nov. The cost of all VIP subscription is reduced by half. VIP with a 50% discount is great reason to indulge yourself with  luxurious bonuses!

What is the Super VIP?

This is a special status for the most loyal players Panzar, which ensures the most comfortable game. To become Super VIP, on your account should the total number of 365 (or more) days normal "premium."

What do you personally get bonuses, and which will bring your team?

First, regardless of whether you have activated the premium subscription or not, all players with the status Super VIP create runes and charms with the chance of success is 100%. For you there are no more options - always a guaranteed success.

Secondly, Super VIP open access to a special banner and avatar. Be careful! Currently you can get this bonus just for one character, but we plan to in the future to bring happiness to all your characters.

Thirdly, Super VIP bring you twice the experience, gold and resources for the fight than the usual "premium."

Finally, by their presence in the session, each holder Super VIP Experience gained is increased for all participants in the battle by 5%.

We hope you will appreciate this innovation. Play PANZAR with pleasure!
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