Update Soon

5/18/2018 6:00 PM

Summer is the season of travel and discovery. That's why we in Panzar Studio work hard to ensure that this summer you can visit some unique, previously unknown places. Very soon the next big update will be installed on Panzar servers, adding new PvP and PvE locations to the game.

Do you hear it? With a heavy ring, the hammer of Iron Smith falls on the anvil, forging link by link new reasons for the endless war. A shovel croaks in the hands of Krom who is burying treasure among the rocks, hoping that no one will ever get to his riches. Mysterious creatures, summoned or created by black magic, wait for the travelers around every corner, always ready to attack. In these lands, you believe only in steel and fire, you rely only on yourself or solid combat comrades. You do not expect favors from the gods because the gods have long turned into monsters.

Yes, this world is full of dangers but its map grows constantly, becomes more extensive and more detailed, and real adventurers cannot stay at home - they are called beyond the threshold by untrodden paths, vast and picturesque expanses, by the noise of battles and the shine of treasures. All that and much more is waiting for you on those new locations, and we hope that you will appreciate them duly.
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