Latest updates

4/30/2014 v.33.7 #

  • No more night XP bonus boost
  • 30% discount on Premium Account

4/17/2014 v.33.6 #

  • Upgrades on all remaining items - price per roll and time increased (approx. x 1.5)
  • All special ‘Sound Around’ contest resources removed from game client.

4/16/2014 v.33.5 #

  • Changes to balance system - system will consider all Battle Values over 5500 as maximum when Match-Making. This aims to accelerate and simplify Match-Making for top players
  • Decreased level up speed (approx. x 1.5 slower)
  • Resources required to craft items increased (approx. x 1.5)
  • Cost of items in gold increased (approx. x 1.5)
  • Runes exchange rate now 1 for 4
  • Item paramaters rebalanced
  • Epic upgrades: price per roll and time increased (approx. x 1.5)

4/9/2014 v.33.4 #

  • Fixed error causing objects to disappear on maps
  • Fixed bug causing players to get stuck on ally killcam view after respawn
  • Fixed error causing some clan invitations to fail
  • Gunners receive additional support points if allies kill enemy slowed by turret effect

4/1/2014 v.33.3 #

  • Fixed error, where the exchange of resources and resource value was not displayed
  • Fixed error where PvE queueing was very long. PvE match-making is now a lot faster
  • Fixed a bug where a team of 6 players waited too long to start a match - now it should start immediately.
  • Fixed problems with killcam, it should now work better. Panzar will continue to monitor and improve killcam function if necessary
  • 50% discount on Epic Armour
  • Experience Boost Time has been changed according to CET Daylight Saving Time

3/26/2014 v.33.2 #

  • Fixed error which allowed to ressurect a character in any place on map using "killcam"
  • Fixed error which caused game client issues on 32-bit OS
  • Fixed error which caused freeze in game menu after group invitation to player witt large friend list

3/24/2014 v.33.1 #

  • Fixed error which caused confusion with difficulty modes in PVE
  • Fixed error in game balancer (PVP) which brought together characters with completely different "battle values" in one game session

3/24/2014 v.33.0 #

  • New game mode: PvE - (player versus computer bots). 4 difficulty levels to choose from. Solo and Teams modes with max 6 players (in PvP, groups are still limited to 3 players). Classes subject to same restrictions as PvP mode (max. number of classes per match)
  • Improved After Battle Statistics
  • Battle Value (effectiveness) of a character now displayed in the game menu and in game stats menu during a battle
  • Killcam: follow your allies while waiting for respawn
  • New animation for Victory and Defeat
  • Tutorial videos now available for all Altar skills, Forge and Item Upgrades in the corresponding game tabs
  • Forge: Armour organised by type
  • Shop: equipment parts once again available for purchase in the Armour section
  • Game client alerts players to newly available items in the Forge and Shop
  • All armour organised by level: Light, Medium, Heavy
  • New Forge mechanics. Crafting armour is dependent on achieving the previous level. For example, players cannot craft Heavy Pauldrons until they have crafted Medium Pauldrons
  • Improved game balance
  • Modified Battle Value impact. Player’s rankings are more stable
  • Inquisitor and Gunner classes are now restricted. Players must have at least one level 5 character to unlock Gunner and Inquisitor classes
  • Game Client optimisation: significantly less unplanned game closures
  • Crystals will no longer be received for levelling up
  • Resources cannot be bought with crystals
  • "Hall of Our Fathers" location has been redesigned
  • Arquebus has been removed for levels 4, 7, 14, 17, 24, 27. If the character has this equipment (levels 4,7,14,17,24,27) when the game is updated, he will automatically receive the next level of Arquebus that he can use immediately. If a player is crafting an Arquebus of these levels when this option is deleted, the crafting process will be stopped. All resources used in the crafting process will be turned into Mythic Stones
  • Dwarf sets are cheaper
  • Individual items for Dwarves are a bit more expensive
  • Mythic stones can be exchanged for ingredients to make potions
  • Gunner: "Beacon" skill. The turret travels faster (2 secs, down from 3 secs). The appearance mechanics have been changed. The player teleporting the turret will be moved backwards if he stands on the beacon
  • Paladin: "Sacrifice" radius increased to affect all skill levels within 15 metres range (before the effect was limited to 6 - 11m range)
  • Paladin: "Purification" effect radius increased to 17 metres (from 15m)
  • Capture time on the 5th point of "Dwarven Quarry" increased by 5 seconds
  • Recovery times increased for the following skills: from 10 to 20 seconds: Berserker "Vortex of War"; from 10 to 16 seconds: Inquisitor "Fetters"; from 10 to 29 seconds: Paladin "Ring of Immortality"; from 10 to 20 seconds: Sister of Fire "Skyfire"; from 20 to 35 seconds: Tank "Invincibility"; from 5 to 11 seconds: Frost Witch "Instant Freeze"
  • Third phase of second capture point was removed at "Cursed Shrine" map
  • Berserker cannot jump with meteor or mechanism in hands
  • No buff icons for cannons level 1 to 5
  • Fixed error when taking screenshots with Win32
  • Fixed error causing crashes when exchanging resources with Win32
  • Player ranking (after group disbands) is now correctly updated in the Social tab
  • There was a bug, when Tank under Paladin Powder buff regained stamina while holding block. Tank no longer replenishes energy from Paladin powders when blocking
  • No longer possible to access the mechanism from under the pier in "Toxic Bay"
  • Animation of LMB (Left Mouse Button) attacks of Berserk after Combat Jump corrected
  • Fixed error stopping player from taking the meteor if he is at the gate and the meteor is lying outside the gate
  • No-build zone extended on the rock next to first capture point on thе "Elven Pier" map
  • Fixed error causing character to die when jumping through gate of "Meteor Hunt" map
  • Fixed error allowing Gunners get under the textures using cannon and two teslas
  • Fixed error causing game freeze when updating tournament table
  • Everything we have achieved with this patch could not have been done without the help of our awesome players. They actively participated in the testing stage and even found the time to locate a number of errors in our game client. And these players are (in no particular order): НяшкаГном, Забияка, Fimis, Irman, Саня_пулемётчик, Держи Кувалду, GO289, L0ri, Azu, HUNHammer, Snookeh, Tephis, Karioka, DeadIsPeace, iEagleJim, Curical, Algatzar, Svet-Angle, Melissa-aK и White Wolf

2/18/2014 v.32.3 #

  • RU and EU players can now play in the same battle. Users with accounts from different regions can play in one battle. You cannot add players from a different region to your Clan. General is not available between players of different regions. Battle chat is available to player irrespective of region
  • Fixed bug: spells with pre-casting (ex: Mana Drain, Turret Upgrade) are no longer cast immediately
  • EU level cap raised to 30 (from 20)

1/22/2014 v.32.2 #

  • Auto-capture bug fixed on King of the Hill mode
  • Penalties for early retirement from game activated
  • Crafting bug with ‘Glue’ resource fixed. Now add ‘Coal’
  • Number of Berserker and Tank character class modified. Now maximum 4 of either class per team per match
  • Fixed bug causing game client to freeze when exiting (game) on Windows XP 32bit
  • Fixed bug with black textures in ‘Elven Pier’ map
  • Fixed bug deleting shaders everytime game is relaunched
  • Increased game client stability
  • Reduced potion crafting time. When using passive ‘Forge’ skill level 3, potion crafting takes 5 seconds
  • Added "Magic Stones" to "Resource Drop Table". Can be collected after battle and exchanged in the forge for any resource
  • Accelerated level-up mechanism from level 10 to 30
  • Quantity of resources obtained after battle increased x2
  • Quantity of special resources required to craft amulets increased x2
  • Resources required to craft items with 10+ level increased between 10-20% depending on item
  • Upgrade cost on items level 10+ decreased by 30-40%
  • Minor changes made to weapons and armour parameters
  • Minor changes made to upgrades for weapons and armour
  • If crafting in process during game patch update, craft progress will be reduced (due to changes to resources required for item forging)
  • Craft time per item decreased (major)
  • Item upgrade time decreased (major)
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