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4/3/2017 v.43.4 Patch #

  • The amount of experience gained for the use of the "Siren Scream " ability has been reduced by 15%
  • Now experience can be gained for healing an ally with the "Second Wind" skill
  • Damage dealt by the Berserker's "Finishing Blow" has been increased by 5%
  • The amount of experience gained for the use of the "Incense Of Quickening" ability has been increased by 15%
  • The duration of the "Ring of Immortality" skill has been reduced from 10 to 8 seconds
  • The "Ring of Immortality" radius has been reduced from 9.5 to 7.5 meters
  • The range of the "Resurrection" skill has been reduced from 10.5 to 7.5 meters
  • Recovery time for "Resurrection" has been increased from 45 to 60 seconds.
  • The number of Will Points received for the use of the "Arquebus Mastery" skill has been reduced from 2 to 1
  • The visual display for the "Battle Fervour" skill of Sister of Fire has been added
  • We also fixed a bug due to which the characters who were under the effect of the "Seven-league Boots" skill, could not run on an enemy's Glare Ice
  • Fixed a bug due to which the Incense Of Quickening did not increase the speed of the Paladin who used it

3/30/2017 v.43.3 Patch #

  • There is some kind of makeup in the game. It's already available in the store, looks like a paper bag and can effectively hide the face of your character.
  • Now character's health is reduced by 8% instead of 9% for 1 stack of the "Berserker Rage" skill

3/28/2017 v.43.2 Patch #

  • The amount of experience gained for applying the "Totem" skill is reduced by 10%
  • Now the DoT-effect from the "Lacerated Wounds" ability is activated even if the victim is blocking at the moment of impact
  • Fixed a bug due to which "Chimera Ash" affected bosses and minibosses at PvE locations
  • The difficulty has been corrected on the Sunset Island (Hard) and Midnight Island (Very Hard) in the PvE mode
  • Now, all players have a zero rating of Battle Value
  • Now the number of Paladins in a team is limited to two
  • We fixed a bug that prevented the opening of items available for crafting

3/23/2017 v.43.1 Patch #

  • Fixed a bug due to which a character did not receive experience for using the "Magical Shield" skill
  • We fixed problems with the "awesomium" processes that caused the decline of performance and FPS
  • A tablet with a message about low FPS now appears only when a really significant decrease of FPS occurs
  • Fixed a bug due to which it was necessary to wait for the cooling of the cannon after installing the "Krom's Fiery Rage"

3/22/2017 v.43.0 Patch 43 - Full Throttle #

  • The game launcher design has been redesigned
  • The HUD-panel design has been changed too
  • The wheel of emotions has been added so that emotions do not occupy slots any more
  • The gamepad support has been added
  • Amulets have been removed from the game, but all their bonuses are saved
  • New faces for characters
  • We've redesigned the menu interface. Its contents remained the same but the location of each object has been changed for greater clarity
  • Now it is possible to change the color of characters' beards and hairstyles
  • Now, dying characters emit a very specific sounds
  • The "walk" movement mode has been removed from the game. Now the characters always run
  • We've added the option to activate an ability by double-clicking RMB
  • We've added an option to highlight an enemy character you dealt some damage
  • The principle of Energy replenishment has been completely redesigned, as well as all associated abilities. Now energy is completely recovered within 4 seconds, but is not regenerated when a character is blocking, using skills or attacking
  • The Class points and Energy elixirs now are used immediately
  • A character cannot fall over any more on the skill glare of ice, a character on the ice can only walk.
  • The Skills Power Attack, Fireball, Frozen Sphere and Magical Shield now spend the character's Energy.
  • The Skills Invisibility, Winter Cold and dwarven constructions and all the others skills and abilities spend will point
  • The aiming mechanism of the Blockbuster skill has been changed. Now it is more difficult to miss
  • "Exit" from the Berserker's Power Attack has become longer by 0.4 seconds
  • Movement speed of Tanks with activated Magical Shield has been increased.
  • New skill for Paladin "Hammer of Wrath"
  • The Paladin gameplay has been changed. We've removed an ability to heal by RMB. Instead, we've added accumulating "stacks", which can be used to attack with the "Hammer of Wrath", power attacks or to increase effectiveness of skills
  • The "Seven-league Boots" activation has been speed up but its operating range is reduced to 30 meters
  • Paladin's Censer now adds passive Energy recovery
  • "Chimera Ashes" does not restore Energy any more but it puts on enemies a special effect that compensates the basic health recovery
  • The "Purification" can now be used on the move
  • Inquisitor's base amount of Energy has been increased (enough for three power attacks)
  • The cooldown time of "Wraith" has been increased from 8 to 15 seconds
  • Scoring of will points when using "Fireball" and "Frozen Orb" has been increased from 1.7 to 2.2
  • The "Second Wind" activation has been sped up
  • "Fireball" and "Frozen Orb" now consume Energy
  • "Fire Resistance" does not reflect fireballs, but increases the block effectiveness by 5%
  • New skill for Ice Witch "Blink"
  • Ice Witch has a new skill that increases the amount of HP and speed of health regeneration
  • Basic blocking index of Ice Witch has been increased from 65% to 70%
  • The "Glare Ice" activation has been speed up
  • "Battle Fervor" of Sister of Fire is now activated instantly for 15 class points, it does not reduce the damage, but restore the full amount of Energy and adds 20% to attack speed
  • "Frost Resistance" increases the block effectiveness by 5%
  • Amount of HP for dwarven constructions now depends on the HP of the builder, not on his Mastery
  • A new type of ammunition for Gunners "Incendiary ammo"
  • The Gunners' ability "Barrel Cooling" has been removed from the game
  • Fixed a bug due to which the animation of elixir drinking worked, but the effect did not appeared
  • Fixed a bug due to which a character could die after the application of "Astral"
  • We've introduced the system of protection from the Bad Connection. In case of too high ping or low FPS the damage from the affected character, as well as any other skill effect, will not pass
  • We've deleted the possibility of accelerating a character with the help of relief features like hummocks, etc.
  • Now access to the PvE islands opens when a character reaches a certain level: Midday Island (Medium) - 10 level, Sunset Island (Hard) - 20 level, Midnight Island (Very Hard) - 30 level
  • Numerical values of the armor and runes properties have been changed
  • Numerical values of item upgrading methods have been changed
  • We've improved the algorithm for selecting players for the game session
  • We've changed the minimum and maximum boundaries of rolling up players for the game session
  • The Inquisitor's skill "Lacerated Wounds" has been changed
  • We fixed a bug due to which the "Fireball" of a Sister of Fire and the "Frozen Sphere" of an Ice Witch flew through the enemy character
  • Now the "Flashbang" grenade explodes 1.4 seconds after application
  • The totem against Inquisitors now restores Will and adds experience by analogy to other totems
  • Now the damage dealed to the mortar adds a small amount of Will to the dealer
  • The cost of deleted amulets has been compensated by gold coins
  • The cost of the "Chain Lightning" ability has been reduced from 9 to 7 class points
  • Now the first stack of the "Berserker Rage" skill gives 1.5 times more bonuses (attack speed and physical attack power)

2/9/2017 v.42.9 Update #

  • Characters, as before, are allowed to participate in PvE sessions upon reaching level 5.
  • We fixed a bug that caused the "sticking" of used items to characters.

2/7/2017 v.42.8 Update #

  • We fixed a bug due to which the authorization form sometimes was not loaded in the launcher
  • Now the characters, dormant during PvE sessions, do not gain any experience
  • The area in which a player could get a tester's buff for the character has been removed from the PvE mode

2/6/2017 v.42.7 Update #

  • Damage dealt by the "Fireball" skill has been decreased by 6.5% The maximum number of targets for "Chain Lightning" has been reduced from 7 to 6
  • Now, the "Chain Lightning" skill does not return Will Points for successfull hits
  • The "Frozen Sphere" damage has been decreased by 6.5%
  • The freezing speed has been reduced by 10%
  • Experience gained by Paladins for the use of "Incense Of Quickening" has been increased by 19%
  • Experience gained by Paladins for the use of "Chimera Ashes" has been decreased by 13.5%
  • Experience gained by Paladins for the use of "Resurrection" has been increased by 17%
  • The length of time after which the amount of experience gained of the use of "Cleansing" begins to decrease has been increased from 5 to 10 seconds
  • Now, the Paladin's "Cleansing" skill takes off a slowdown from characters affected by "Gravity"
  • Fixed a bug, due of which the possibility to use objects (for example to sit in the turret) was lost sometimes
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to receive a reward for completing a closed PvE-island in the party

2/1/2017 v.42.6 Update #

  • Number of health points of the bots on Sunset Island have been reduced by 15%
  • Character who have not reached level 10 are not allowed on the PvE-Mode islands
  • All the quests associated with PvE have been deleted from daily quests for characters who have not reached level 10

1/26/2017 v.42.5 Hotfix #

  • The minimap's speed is higher and the cause of some "stickings" has been eliminated
  • We've restored the functioning of the "Payment Problems" button in your account
  • Part of the computational load has been transferred from the CPU onto the GPU, this should have a positive impact on the FPS.
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